Burn out? Burn-out? Burnout?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is me today. 

Work, presentations, discussion boards, reflections, media comparison papers, searching for internships (or the lack thereof), group meetings and business stats are allllll kinda getting to me.


People who are graduated will constantly tell me to enjoy the stage I'm in. You know that point in life where you're out of the house but not necessarily responsible for your own house? And you know what? I'm completely loving it. 
Really, I am. It's the bestest. And I wouldn't trade my life for someone else's.

But sometimes it seeeeeeriously bites the big one when teachers assume that their class is the center of your whole being. 
(Yup, I'm talkin to you Professor M. You and your darn 'learning journals'!)

So here I am, wishing everyone survival and happiness through this day.

Because that's what I'll be wishing for myself.

p.s. Thanks to everyone who's been so kind to me lately! You lovelies get me through. 


  1. that picture kills me. HAHA but seriously, those days are the worst. hang in there :)

  2. ahhhh I know the feeling! I graduated 2 years ago and would never go back! haha not to rub it in. But good luck & I love your blog. You are great.

  3. Love your blog, Mrs. Naatjes! I want to copy into my journal...don't know how to do that, but perhaps Grandpa Tom can help me. Love you tons. Have you & Josh decided on a name for your baby girl? (Grandma Ilene)