Not-So-Shining Moment

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Alright, everyone. We need to have a little pow-wow.

By the way, anyone ever wonder how the word pow-wow made its way into mainstream conversation? It sounds like one of those word phrases that you see in a book for infants who are learning sounds {i.e. The dog says pow-wow!}

Just something I've been thinking about...

So, anyway. Our pow-wow.

I consider myself to be a significantly observant person. I pride myself on the fact that little things don't usually go unnoticed with me. 

Girl at work gets a haircut? Compliment.

Roommate's shoulders hanging a little low? Chocolate. 

Professor walks in a little too happy that morning? Pop quiz en route. 

Boy sitting behind me in stats class' breath getting a little rank? Altoid.

Just kidding. 

Kind of.

You get the point.

Today, though. I realized I'm not as sharp as I thought I was...

Here's the story.

So, the man and I had a pretty fun-filled summer, and about 90% of it was spent with each of our families. That means that time to just be together and have normal conversations seriously decreased. 

No complaints, we had a GREAT time! 

But we thought we'd take this Saturday afternoon to ourselves to get some lunch, maybe catch a movie and just be alone. 

Josh told me that he'd plan the whole thing and sent me off to my 3-hr work meeting, assured that we'd have a fun afternoon planned out by the time I got back. 

When he picks me up he tells me that he'd forgotten the movie tickets at his apt and asked me where we wanted to go for lunch.

I get excited at the prospect of taking him to this place called the Taco Bus, which is pretty much what it sounds like- a school bus converted into a mexican food dive. Pretty legit.

Courtesy of The Daybook

We get to Josh's apartment to pick up the tickets and, eager as I always am to not waste time I say,

"Want me to turn the car around while you run up and grab the tickets?"

"Well, I actually need to use the restroom, so maybe we'll just park and we can both run up for a sec"

Slightly reluctant- "Oh, ok."

On our way in I ask if Josh has any parm cheese for a dish that we're bringing to our friend's dinner later that night. He's not sure.

We get up the stairs and walk into his small apartment where my attention turns straight to his roommate who's watching Lord of the Rings (a nerdy passion of mine) so I sit on the couch and start watching with him.

On the way to the bathroom, Josh yells,

"Hey why don't you go check the kitchen for that cheese you were looking for?"

Sucked in to the movie "Uh, that's ok."

"You sure?"


"...Do you want a water or anything?"

"Nope. I'm good"

Obviously you can tell by this point that I'm practically Sherlock Holmes with my observational skills.

A few minutes later Josh walks out of the hallway, past me and into the kitchen



"Can you just come into the kitchen please?"



"*Sigh*... I just... have to show you something!"

Finally Now slightly curious, I walk into the kitchen, which is perfectly visible from the first time you walk in the doorway to see...


That, my friends, is a homemade greek-quinoa salad {the man put FETA in it for crying out loud!!} set out with a sweet rose. 

*Mentally smacks self over the head for being the most air-headed gf EVER*

Do we need a re-cap?


Conclusions we came to today are as follows:

1. I will get sucked into any and all showings of LOTR

2. Boyfriend is super sweet, and a master of patience

3. I digress that I am not, as previously conceived, very astute with observation.

4. a.k.a. Homegirl is a bit of a space case.

But all was not lost. I still got a yummy meal and a rose out of it.

Boy do I get lucky sometimes.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was a steal ;) the dress and the boy..

  2. So sweet :) I love know all these stories and then reading about them! haha! You have such a way with words

    1. Thanks B! Sometimes they take a lot more time to write out than it looks.

  3. I remember when you told me about the quinoa salad at work but you didn't say it was for a romantic dinner for two! How sweet!

  4. awwwhhhh i love this story :) he's a keeper!!

    1. Isn't he?! I love reading about all of the sweet stuff K does for you on Him&Her :)