Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sometimes, when I'm on pinterest, just, you know, browsing and feeling productive but really actually avoiding a lot more efficient things I could be doing... Josh occasionally makes his way over and gets sucked in with me.

In defense of his masculinity, it's usually only when I'm looking through my food board.

Still. It's precious.

Recently I was looking through all my boards just to make sure there weren't any "I seriously pinned that??" embarrassments, when Josh comes over and starts looking with me on this board, and his commenting was absolutely hilarious.

While looking at this one...

Josh- "What's that?"

McKenna- "It's a one-serving cookie"

J- "One serving?"

M- "Yeah, you know, for when you just want one cookie for yourself."

J- "I don't get it. Why would anyone want just one cookie?"

M- "Sometimes you get small cravings for things, and you don't want to make a bunch. Just one."

J- "I just don't get that thought process."


My caption for this one below used to say "Need to make this for Carly", my roommate who is OBSESSED with peanut butter and chocolate...

The new caption? "Need to make for Carly AND JOSH"

While looking at this one....

J- "Whoa! How'd they get it to look like that?" 

M- "You know that little cookie dough scooper you got really excited about at Bed Bath & Beyond?"

J- "Ohh..."

And this one...

J- "Were making this, right?"

And then, once we'd gone through most of my food board, proving the effect that pinterest has on people:

J- "So... what other boards do you have?"



  1. HAHAHAHA!!! I love the single portion cookie comments from Josh!! I made the chocolate cake one at home during the 7 week break! Pretty good!